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Kimberly Woyak

Kimberly Woyak

Antigo, WI


Kimberly Woyak is a freelance photographer who loves an array of subjects. Her real-world experiences helped develop her skills as a photographer. There is no cookie cutter journey on putting into words her career pathway for photography. Kimberly is a self-taught photographer whose primary focus has been on nature with its simplicities yet mysterious complexities. Her eye for composition, natural light, empowered by her passion enables her to create extraordinary images of ordinary common subjects. Kimberly has a skilled professional eye that is able to interpret an event or subject through illustration in her photographs. Kimberly's work has been featured in an exhibit called The Story of the Creative July 24, 2013 at the Angel Orensanz Foundation in New York. Kimberly's work has also been featured in a Wisconsin Nonprofit Newsletter Nijii Enterprises. Kimberly is the former director of the Wisconsin Division of Woodlands Tribal Artists Association and has her work featured on their Facebook page as well. On July 24, 2014, Kimberly has had her work featured in New York City in Times Square on two of the largest video billboards as a creator. You can view her art gallery at Kimberly Woyak Photography on Facebook,, Capture Wisconsin, Pinterest, and Viewbug. Her work is available for purchase at Kimberly is from the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians and resides in Antigo, WI with her husband, Thomas, and has three children, Donald, Myles, and Kayla.


Artic by Kimberly Woyak


Candy Cane Lane by Kimberly Woyak


Frigid by Kimberly Woyak


Cake? What Cake? by Kimberly Woyak


Stir-Fry by Kimberly Woyak


Let's Turkey Around by Kimberly Woyak


Fishing Pond by Kimberly Woyak


Wilbur by Kimberly Woyak


Because it's your birthday by Kimberly Woyak


Freedom by Kimberly Woyak


Vintage by Kimberly Woyak


Hoss by Kimberly Woyak


Ducks in a Row by Kimberly Woyak


Windbreaker by Kimberly Woyak


Purrfect by Kimberly Woyak


Happy Trails by Kimberly Woyak


Fur Baby by Kimberly Woyak


Vintage Violet by Kimberly Woyak


Native Pride by Kimberly Woyak